*I don't believe in him**

** If he did exist, it would defo be a man***

*** Define man

Thanks so much for popping in to have a gander (stalk) of little ole me. Much obliged to you.
If you've stumbled across this by accident then my name is Lou Conran, and I am a Stand Up Comedian, TV Warm Up, Writer, Performer, Voice Over, Lover of Curry, General Twat, and in several years I'll be a senior citizen, god* willing. 
Have a little poke around if that is your want. I've got info on where I'm gigging. You can listen to some stuff I've done on the radio, or watch some of me vid's (not at work slacker) and you can even send me a message if you want? (Only if it's nice. My Uncle used to be in the SAS and he will find you.) 
"A masterclass in long form comedy"- Edinburgh Guide - "As filthy as she is fabulous, Lou Conran is a superlative storyteller” 
"Proving you can make a stand-up show about literally anything if the performer is skilled enough" The Scotsman
"Naturally funny" Sarah Millican
"Hilarious" Chortle

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