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Now then, this is the bit where i'm supposed to tell you how marvellous i am, but i'm not very good at that, so i'll let other people do that for me and then it won't be so icky, know what i mean? 

***** "F**King funny as hell!.... And Masterful at storytelling" Edinburgh Guide

**** "Proving you can make a stand-up show about literally anything if the performer is skilled enough" The Scotsman

Winner Best MC Award 2020/21Comics Comic Award

Finalist Best Show Award Funny Women

I trained at the Oxford School of Speech and Drama many years ago, and was told off for not taking acting too seriously, hence, me, now and this. 

I do TV Warm Up, I do acting when I'm allowed and I'm addicted to chillies, cheese and various other things beginning with the letter C. 

I'm one half of the award nominated podcast Spit or Swallow which is flipping marvellous and you should listen to it immediately. 

I'm an advocate for the wonderful charity Saying Goodbye (Mariposa Trust) that help people through the loss of a child. 

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